Hello. I’m a designer in New York with lots of product, front-end, and prototyping experience. Right now I’m working at Glitch. Before that I worked at Genius and thoughtbot.

I’m a Design Engineer at Glitch

Glitch (glitch.com) is a fun, approachable tool for making websites. I work across the entire product, focusing on usability and consistency. Here are a few examples of my work:

  • Researching and designing a beginner-friendly interface for environment variables.
  • Designing and implementing an elaborate sparkle animation when users use the “Prettier” code-formatting tool on their projects.
  • Adding onboarding to the editor for new and anonymous users, and refactoring all the menus in the editor to be less nested and better grouped.
  • Right now I’m working on exciting changes to Glitch’s navigation, embeds, and something I can’t quite talk about. Keep an eye out!

I haven’t written about these projects yet. As a substitute, here are some of the more fun-looking things I’ve designed:

I was the Product Design Lead at Genius
Genius is the world’s biggest lyrics platform, and much more. I worked there for 5 years on countless projects, and on almost every page and view. Some of my favorite projects:
  • Designing and implementing the first page to use the “Genius” brand, the mobile song page. I used this opportunity to introduce BEM-style CSS to the codebase, and wrote a style guide for markup and CSS that continues to be used.
  • Leading an engineering team in developing a new ad unit for the Genius homepage. I got to work directly with the sales and client services teams for this project, and learned a lot about how ads work and what clients want.
  • Creating high-fidelity interactive demos for partnership proposals to Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. It was crucial that these be as real as possible. This really pushed my Origami skills forward, a tool I now consider an essential part of my design process.
My work at Genius has been seen by hundreds of millions of visitors, ten of thousands of contributing editors, and was even featured in the iOS iMessage app store.
Read more about the company and see more of the projects I worked on.
Sound Check is a feature I designed for Tuple, a pair programming app
The Tuple team (tuple.app) asked me to design a quick, convenient way for users to check their mic, speaker, and webcam settings. Tuple is different from most video conference apps because there are only two participants in a call, and the one sharing their screen doesn’t see any UI by default. I analyzed similar apps and made a proposal based on Tuple’s unique constraints. The final design includes the Sound Check feature itself, and a way for users to access it. This feature has been released.
LTC Video Notes is a specialized note-taking tool for video producers
Keepsakes is an automatic journal that works with data you already have
This was my degree project in college. Read a little more about how it works and watch some demos.
Song Stories was a project to replace the Genius mobile song page
This was a nearly year-long project at Genius that went through two major iterations. Read more about the background for this project, and see both versions.
I made an Origami prototype that works like a real app
I made this after the “network request” feature was added to Origami, which allows prototypes to send and receive data from APIs. This app connects to the Hue API. Read the details on how I did it.
I made a WYSIWYG image editor for Genius’ social media team
It has neat features like warnings for “out of bounds” and pixelated images. Read more about the problems this solved and how it works.